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Naming the birds appropriately

Perhaps the simplest reason within the benefits of sexing birds, but absolutely one of the most important to bird owners. Why? Because we care for our animals and we like to give them a name to feel closer to them. For someone who is thinking of acquiring a new pet, it is essential to be able to assign a name according to the sex of the animal.

As many pet owner love to make their special birds part of the family, it is important that the process includes giving the bird a proper name. Whether it is a common or whimsical name, it is part of the process of bonding and creating a connection. 

Determining the sex of a bird is sometimes difficult, especially when they are young. Although there are birds that grow physically different according to their sex, when they are newborn they are virtually identical. At this stage it is necessary to perform a sexing to know if they are female or male.

For someone who is looking for a young bird to breed, it is essential to know the sex before making the purchase. Knowing the sex of your bird, either on your own or thanks to a breeder, you will be able to give it its proper name.

This will not change your relationship with your bird, but will give it the special connection of knowing and naming it. 



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