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What Is Bird Sexing And Why Is It Done?

Bird sexing the procedure that reveals the sex of a specific bird. It seems unnecessary to create such a specific term for something so seemingly simple.

There is no procedure to sex cats or dogs, you just have to see their genitals and that's it. So why does there have to be one for birds? The point is, birds are quite different from mammals.

Birds, reptiles, and other oviparous animals have an organ called the Cloaca. This is an indentation that protects and conceals your sexual organs. Only during mating do male birds manage to remove their reproductive organs from the cloaca. Otherwise they remain completely hidden and inaccessible to the untrained eye.

For this reason, certain specialized procedures are required to determine the sex of a bird. The cloaca is a delicate organ that is difficult to access. Also, even knowing how to reach it does not guarantee that sex can be determined. This is because the reproductive organs of birds are quite different from those of mammals.

What we seek is to clarify the usefulness of this procedure for bird owners and breeders. Because to be something so complicated it must certainly have a palpable utility for whoever does it. And it is really useful to know the sex of any animal, especially birds.

The benefits of sexing birds are diverse for anyone who has one, really. However, not everyone gets the same benefit from handling that information and knowing how to obtain it. Not all people have birds for the same reasons and by varying interests the usefulness of sexing varies. This varies most of all in whether you have birds for casual reasons or if you are more fond of breeding. 

A person who has a bird just for company and aesthetics may not be very interested in knowing its sex. For these people it is enough to have a pet and keep it healthy and happy. For these types of owners, the sex of the pet is rather irrelevant, as with reptile and fish owners. So it is likely that these people do not know or are interested in sex.

On the other hand, there are people much more interested in the sex of birds. It is even very useful information for your day to day life and for the best treatment of your birds. These people are more than all bird watchers, hobbyist breeders, and bird traders. For these people it is essential to be able to determine the sex of the birds they raise. 

If you are one of these people looking to either differentiate morphologically identical birds, determine production quotas, determine the proper way to raise them, be able to sell them better, avoid fights over territorial issues, determine sex-specific medical conditions or name your birds appropriately;
we can help you. At IQBirdtesting.com we are specialists in sexing birds through DNA. You can contact us through our email or directly from the web. 

Email us at info@iqbirdtesting.com  



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